About Us

Taiseiyo Taiko was founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Patrick Edmond. Jennifer and Patrick discovered Taiko drumming in 2003, when they attended a concert given by the Scottish-based group Mugenkyo. They later attended a workshop at Mugenkyo's dojo in North Lanarkshire, and became hooked on the energy and grace that is Taiko drumming. They continue to expand their experience of Taiko through further workshops in Scotland and in Japan, where they have trained under both Masaaki Kurumaya Sensei and Art Lee, and taken briefer instruction from Katsuji Kondo, Hiroshi Motofuji, Akime Jige, Shidara and Daihachi Oguchi Sensei.

The name Taiseiyo (pronounced "tie - say - yo") is derived from the Japanese name for the Atlantic Ocean. It evokes the power of the sound of the drums and the grace of the drummers' movements. It also reflects the connection between Ireland, an island nation on the edge of a great sea, and Japan, half way around the world at the other edge of the great Eurasian landmass.

We are so grateful to our teachers, who gave us both the experiences and courage we needed to keep playing Taiko, no matter what. We thank as well our supporters, the Provost of Trinity College, whose performing arts grant gave us the seed money we needed to get started, and the Axis theatre in Ballymun. Go raibh mile maith agaibh, and domoo arigatoo gozaimasu!